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Wir freuen uns dass Sie sich für die folgende Veranstaltung anmelden möchten:

DARWIN & MARIE: Female Digital Leaders

27. Februar 2020, 13:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

Östr. Nationalbibliothek | Josefsplatz 1 | 1015 Wien


DARWIN & MARIE is a conference dedicated to female leadership in technology, science and innovation. We will showcase and connect founders, CEOs and managers who foster innovation and diversity.


Through DARWIN & MARIE we celebrate the efforts of Marie Curie, the Polish-French physicist and chemist, who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize - paving the way for so many women who drive groundbreaking transformation in IT, science and innovation today.


Ms. Kristina Knezevic, as Country Manager of XING Austria and member of
SENATE OF ECONOMY will attend as speaker at the conference and says:

"Diversity is the driving force for innovation, which is needed in a new world of work. However, a consistent diversity management means much more than a women's quota. It’s more about respecting differences in a social, culture, gender, age, etc. way and to benefit in today’s collaboration."


SPECIAL OFFER: With Xing and Kristina Knezevic you can save 50% - Get your ticket for an exklusive price of EUR 245,- instead of EUR 490,-. (excl. tax.)


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